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We want to build a strong community of ambassadors and volunteers so that we together can build a better future for equal parenting. As a non-profit organization we are also in need of donations.

Anyway you can contribute is highly appreciated. Every small step or action is leading towards a change


To be able to continue developing this non-profit organization, to create events for fathers and workshops for teenagers we are in need of economical resources.
If you believe in our cause, please donate by bank transfer to:




106 40 Stockholm


Do you share the same belief as us regarding modern equal parenting rights? Do you want to inspire expecting and present fathers to be more involved in their children’s life.
Do you have stories about fatherhood to tell online and offline?
Then you might want to become a Daddyhood ambassador!? =)
Please contact us for more info:


Since we are just a few dads that want to make big changes we obviously need help as well. Join our mission and become part of the team! We are currently looking for support in areas as content, events, fundraising, scholarships. If you have any of these or other talents that can be useful, please send us an email and describe what you can do: