DaddyHood Adventure – Island of Krk

What is it about?

Two dads and two toddlers take on a 150k adventure by their own force.

To inspire more dads to play an active role in their kids’ lives we took on the challenge of getting around the scenic island of Krk in Croatia by running, cycling, and hiking a total of 150 kilometers in 7 days. The biggest challenge though was traveling together with our 2-year-old toddlers! A film crew followed the adventure and made a documentary about it so that their journey can be shared with others.

WHY we are doing this?

Research has shown the importance of active and present fathers. But in general, dads are still less involved in caretaking and upbringing than mothers. We believe in equal parenting, but we see a need to support dads to get there. 

We want to show the world what dads are capable of. That we can take care of our kids’ needs and have fun along the way. We do this to promote equal parenting and hope this will get more dads engaged with their children.

We have done many adventures in our life before but we are sure this will be the most challenging and most exciting so far. We will be transparent with the ups and downs on the way.  Being a dad is amazing but also really hard sometimes. We believe there is a gap in education, support and inspiration for fathers. We hope this documentary will be the start of closing that gap.

HOW the project is financed? 

Daddyhood Europe is a non-profit organisation and the project is funded by sponsors and donations.

That’s why we need your help.

Every donated Euro will be used for promoting and distributing the video.

By donating to the project, you are helping us spread the word and inspire others about equal parenting and active fatherhood.