To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today.


DaddyHood Dadathlon

Daddyhood Dadathlon is a celebration of the special relationship between fathers and children.
We organized a unique virtual sports event to inspire dads around the globe and create unforgettable memories!


Engaged fathers reports to have a high life satisfaction.

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do it together

Mothers who co-parent with involved dads report lower levels of stress, fewer mental health problems and greater levels of gender egalitarianism both at home and work.

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Children benefit from engaged fathers — from physical health to mental health to educational outcomes.

Our ambition

Challenge the norm

It is time to give dads better rights and opportunities to spend time with their kids. It is time to show the world how manly it is to be a present dad. For a good start and a lifelong relationship between dads and their children. #DaddyHoodEurope


  • Educate, inspire  and support fathers so they feel confident to step into a more caregiving role and leave the stereotypical father behind.


  • Build a strong community that shares our values of a modern fatherhood and inspires their local communities to the same.


  • Educate high school teenagers about modern fatherhood to establish a new norm of modern fathers and equal parenting.

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Get involved

We want to build a strong community of ambassadors and volunteers so that we together can build a better future for equal parenting. As a non-profit organization we are also in need of donations.